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From its reading you will learn about the history and vicissitudes of the military stud farms of Jerez de la Frontera, …cija (Seville), Lore Toki (San Sebastian) and Ibio (Cantabria), since their beginnings at Moratalla in 1893, and of the Stallion Deposits since the moment of their creation right up to the present days. A long journey through the history of horse breeding in Spain, during which you will learn about the work carried out by one Institution, which is the Horse Breeding Service, so admired and, at times, criticized. 


This excellent edition, both in printing and binding, matches the previous books of this author which have been presented by the Ministry of Culture of Spain at international fairs such as that of Cairo, Havana, Brussels, Prague, Harare (Zimbabwe), Sao Paulo, Beijing and Casablanca, amongst others.


The book has been illustrated with seven hundred photographs, more than six hundred of which are those of mares and stallions of this Stud Farm and of the Stallion Deposits. A large part of them represents the horses and mares considered the founders of the Purebred Spanish, Arab, Hispano-Arab, Anglo-Arab and English Thoroughbred horse bloodlines, which makes this book, besides a meticulous research work, a document of historical reference, essential for the knowledge of the ancestors of the horses in Spain. Furthermore, it contains old and recent photographs of the installations of the different Horse Breeding Military Centres since the time they were created until the present days.


The book, which consists of 384 pages with text both in Spanish and English, has been printed on 150 gr. chalk overlay glossy paper, size 21 x 29 cm, has colour flyleaves in striped paper and binding with covers made of synthetic leather and with the title printed in gold, as well as a laminated colour jacket also with the title printed in gold. These features make it a beautiful piece of work indispensable in any library.


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